Catz Cardinals 2015

Thursday 12th March - Click above for more information

Lent Bumps 2015

Lent Bumps starts on Wednesday 25rd February and we have 4 Catz crews participating. M1 and W1 are racing in the respective first divisions, M2 are starting as head of the men's third division, (so will hopefully also be rowing in the men's second division) and W2 are racing in the women's third/men's fourth division. Hover over a result to see if a race report is available. Click on the crew name to see its members.

  Division Day 1 (Wed) Day 2 (Thu) Day 3 (Fri) Day 4 (Sat)
M1 M1
Bumped by
Peterhouse I
Bumped by
Kings I 
W1 W1
Bumped by
Queens I
Bumped by
Newnham I
M2 M2
Row-Over  -    
Row-Over Bumped by
Emmanuel II
W2 W3/M4
Bumped by
Murray Edwards III
Bump on
Murray Edwards III

For information on where to watch the bumps from see 
here. Division times are here.
Follow the action on the radio at and see official results here

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Lent Bumps 2015: W1 Day Two

So day two was not meant to be.

A stomach bug meant that the cox couldn’t even get in the boat to push off at the boat house. Luckily the lovey Natasha was able to jump into the boat and save the day and did a valiant effort.

Unfortunately Newnham were faster than us today. We had a clean start and footage from the GoPro on the Bow of the Newnham boat showed a very stable gutsy row.  Unfortunately they were faster than us and a bump was inevitable, but we held them off well and we should be proud for the distance achieved.

Tomorrow holds a new battle. We have Murray Edwards behind who have rowed over in front of Pembroke for two days. They’re going to be hungry to bump, but we will of course give it our all. Let’s see what day three holds!

Bring it on!

Lent Bumps 2015: M2 Day Two

We knew Emma were fast, and it turns out they were too fast.

Our start was reasonable, and we certainly didn't crumble under pressure, but they were soon bearing down on us. They managed to get overlap by the end of the gut, but we held them and began pushing away out of grassy, only to get caught by their push onto plough reach.

They rowed over bottom of M2 as we did yesterday (Pembroke naturally bumping Eddies in front), so we will be chasing them tomorrow. Behind us lies Clare II, a solid crew, but one I believe we can hold off.

Till tomorrow, and another joyous rowover.


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