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University Fours Final Day

Our win over FaT on Wednesday brought the M1 4+ crew up against Kings in the semifinal at 1.30pm on Friday 30 October.  Based on earlier performances in the week we were confident we could hold them off and get through to the final, but having been bumped by Kings twice last year we weren't taking anything for granted.  We followed the same race plan as before, this time with Kings chasing from behind.  After a decent start our stride again gave Kings the chance to take in a little ground, but just like on Wednesday, we made a strong push on Plough Reach, and again after Ditton to give us some breathing space on the Reach.  Kings couldn't take the pressure as we pulled away from them, and a dramatic crab sent their bows skewing round, giving us a comfortable end to a well-executed race, and confounding the umpires who had expected Kings to win easily.

The final was immediately afterwards, chasing from behind a Peterhouse crew who had already seen off LMBC and Homerton.  Conscious of the high stakes involved now, we upped our game off the start and held onto Peterhouse through the first half of the race.  We followed the same race plan and made strong pushes along Plough Reach and the Long Reach, but Peterhouse were too fast and gradually drew away from us despite our best efforts.  In the end we had to be content with second place - still a great result, and fair reward for much hard work over the last month.  We are already looking forward to next year!

University Fours 2015: Day One

The first race of the year was in the quarter finals of the University Fours competition, against Trinity First and Third, who started upstream of us.  It was always going to be a difficult race, but after training hard since before term started we were confident in our ability as a crew and ready for the challenge.  Our new coach David Oldham had got us to practice the start countless times, and despite a bit of tension (and a small crab) we executed our start well to put FaT under pressure from the beginning.  A clear stride down to our race pace allowed them a bit of leeway around First Post and along The Gut, and for a couple of minutes the race was in the balance.  By the Plough however FaT had given it what they could, and a strong push out of Grassy Corner began to eat up the distance between the boats.  We stuck to our race plan and made another push out of Ditton, taking foot after foot of distance out of FaT all the way up the Reach.  A final effort from the Railings took us over the finish having caught up three or four boatlengths on the opposition, and leaving no one in any doubt about the result.  We will race again in the semi final on Friday.

Stroke side bringing us round First Post

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We'll be having a BBQ at the Boathouse on Sunday 11th October - pop down for a burger, some tuition on the ergs, and hopefully a trip onto the river in our tub (a really stable boat for learning in). Find all the details here.

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Boston Marathon 2015

On Sunday 20th September, two SCCBC members with more sculling ability than perceived common sense decided to spend a day on the picturesque, if somewhat extensive, River Witham.  The Boston Marathon is a somewhat unique event in British Rowing, a 31 mile (49 km) head race that starts in Lincoln and finishes, as the name suggests, in Boston.  While this can inspire awe, horror, adulation or disgust among the larger rowing community, it does not make for exciting race reports. However, it did serve as a pleasant reminder that there is more to rowing than bumps and other "on-Cam" college races.  Racing in the highly prestigious (*coughs*) Im3 Mixed Doubles, spurred on by lovely weather, thinking thoughts of "How hard can it really be?" and ignoring the fact that we hadn't had a crew outing since June, we overtook many boats, were overtaken once or twice, and finished in a time of 4:16:07.8. With the other competitors in our division over 40 minutes behind us, we collected our trophies and agreed it had been a good day's work.  A memorable experience, and one which I hope future Catz crews will be inspired to recreate.

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