St Catharine’s College Boat Club Update (06/11/2020) - Closed

As of 05/11/2020 the boathouse will be closed until further notice. This is due to government guidelines and confirmation from British Rowing that it is unacceptable for a shared fitness facility to be open during this second lockdown.

With Universities remaining open we want to find a way for students to stay active, so there are ergs and a bike accessible by Gostlin (you might have to fight off the librarians though). There is also an erg available for use at Chads. Please do take care of the equipment, there are rules of use by the equipment so please take note.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the students that have used the boathouse this term. Rules have been abided by therefore keeping the boathouse a safe environment to train and work in, so thank you! It is also important to note you have all contributed to creating a wonderful energetic environment, one of which I feel so grateful to work in. Spirits have been kept high and there has been much fun and laughter, which is so important in difficult and unpredictable circumstances.

I will keep you up to date with any changes that may occur over the next few weeks. A few photos are attached to show where the equipment can be found and to reminisce on outings.

Stay safe and see you on zoom ;)

- Carmen 

Aligned Blades


Gostlin Set Up

Erging Librarian

Rowing and Reading

NW1 Last Row