Day 4 W2

Bumped Emma III.


Full race report to follow.

Day 4 M2

Rowed Over


We knew we had our toughest ask of the week as the last act. Not only were King's II the fastest crew that we'd chased all week, they were also chasing a spooning Girton II crew who hadn't rowed more than a kilometre combined across their 3 races. The fact that they took in excess of 5 minutes parking at Chesterton didn't do a lot to inspire confidence that they'd be able to hold King's off for long enough.

Day 4 W1

Day 4 M1


Rowed over.


We set out feeling fairly confident; we had been improving all week, we knew we were faster than Selwyn and we knew they had failed to gain on Christ's the day before. Not complacent about the threat they posed, we put together our race plan built around our strong cruising speed and strength in the second minute of the race.

Day 3 W2

Race report to follow shortly!

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