Spring Head-to-Head

21/45 - 4th in 3rd Mays - 14:12

The Head-to-Head is always a tough race, but on this occasion the headwind that had picked up after a few days of brilliant weather made it an even harder prospect. After a delay due to a very late crew member, we pushed our new shinily painted blades off the bank and headed down to the start. Marshalling was chaotic and done in a light drizzle, all of which made it very hard to switch on just before the start of the race.

Head of the Cam

16/35 - 2nd in Other Mays - 9:42

It was a beautifully sunny day for the first race of the season, the Head of the Cam race run by Chesterton Rowing Club. Using Emma as our substitute cox, we sat in a massive queue of boats waiting to get up to the start, which didn't help our attempts at getting into a good rhythm. After a bit of sunbathing whilst marshalling at Baitsbite, we were finally ready to start.

Head of the River

113   -   2nd Fastest College   -   23rd /79 in IM2

M1 approaching the finish

Kingston Head of the River

16:01.4 - 3rd Fastest College

M1 Racing at Kingston

Yes, you read that correctly. M1 raced off cam for the first time in recent memory (at least 4-9 years) this weekend, coming down to Kingston Head preparation for head of the river next Saturday.

Day 4 W2

Bumped Emma III.


Full race report to follow.

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