Boathouse Plans

SCCBC is very excited to see the plans for the renovation of the St Catharine's College Boat House. The proposed changes would be a fantastic boost to the club, and would ensure that it thrives in the years to come. The plans can be found here.

boathouse plans.pdf

Robinson Head

Robinson Head

M1 finish 4th in Robinson Head, just 10s behind the headship crew, more to follow soon!

Newnham Short Course

Catz M1 got their bumps campaign off to a bang on Saturday with a 1st place finish in Newnham Short Course.

It's a 1.6km head race from the little bridge to the railings. Although our crew looked good on paper, only having been in a boat together twice before the day of the race made us unsure as to how we would compare with other crews the Cam had to offer.

Winter Head to Head

The start of Lent term has been a little frustrating, with a number of injuries in the men’s squad. So although our entry for the Winter Head to Head had us on paper as the college first eight, the reality was that this was the college second eight with the added muscle of Ruud and Finn – a scratch crew with the sum total of one outing on the water.

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