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Catz Christian Union - About

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St Catharine's College CU is a group of Christians in St Catharine's College. Our aim is to make Jesus Christ known to students in college, as well as to help each other to grow in our relationship with God. You can read more about us below. If you'd like to get involved, please do let us know!

CU at Ben's baptism

Coming to Catz in October 2019?

Congratulations! We've got loads of information for Freshers here, and we look forward to seeing you!

Looking for a church?

Catz CU isn't affiliated with any particular church, but we do have advice to offer when picking one out. Check out these guidelines, and send us an email if you would like to chat to a student who attends a Cambridge church.

About Us

The SCCCU exists to make Jesus Christ known in St Catharine's College. We are part of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, CICCU. We don't have any links to any particular church – we welcome Christians from all backgrounds!

What do we do?

We meet together every week, for college group (Bibile study and games) on a Saturday evening and to pray together on a Friday morning (with breakfast!). College group and the prayer meeting are both great chances to grow together as a community, to encourage each other in reaching out to the students around us and to pray for each other and our college and university.

Every few weeks we also put on an evangelistic event, such as a text-a-toastie: students text in a question about Christianity, and a CU member brings a free toastie to their door, and chats about the answer to their question. Sometimes we do other events, like the watermelon and flyer givaway pictured below!


Where and when do we meet?

College group: Saturday 1830-1930 in the Rushmore room. We often stick around for a bit after this to chat and play some games.
College prayer: Friday 0800-0900 in a CU member's room (Woodlark 6). If you have a 9AM, come for as long as you can make!

Can I come along?

Of course! Catz CU's primary purpose is to spread the good news about Jesus, so whether you're already a Christian seeking to be built up, or someone who is only just starting to investigate Christianity, we'd love to have you with us!