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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine - 22nd JANUARY IN RAMSDEN ROOM - 20:00 - FREE ENTRY

"Ever had one of those days?

Little Miss Sunshine is a simultaneously charming and knife-edge painful comedy-drama about the dysfunctional Hoover family, and their seemingly inexhaustible efforts in trying to raise their little girl Olive onto the pedestal of all-American childhood fame. Opening on the young girl staring feet from the television, transfixed as the famous beauties of old cry their false tears for false hopes, Olive has her sights set on the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California - all the way across the continent, with 2 days to get there. By car.

We see misguided motivational-speaker Richard, chain-smoking depressive Sheryl, teenage angst-cannon Dwayne, heroine junkie Grandpa and failed suicidal, gay Uncle Frank making their steady way to California in what ends up being a stirring triumph of family values over darkest disappointment. Blending heartache trauma with belly-ache laughter, Little Miss Sunshine is to be missed at your own cost.

You've never quite had one of *these* days."


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