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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mean Creek - 5th February IN RAMSDEN ROOM - 20:00 - FREE ENTRY

"Beneath the surface, everyone has a secret.

Mean Creek tells the story of Sam (Rory Culkin), a reserved but
conscientious lad, who, along with his brother and friends, seeks revenge
on the school bully, George. The plot takes them on a calculated boat ride
downstream, but once on the water, the situation drifts slowly out of
control as the languid rhythm of the small, peaceful Oregon river steers
them steadily off-course.

This film masterfully captures the lives of the teenagers and the personal
consequences when a moment of misjudgment spirals into a whirlpool of
disaster. Intense and wonderfully written, Jacob Estes' feature directorial
debut contains exceptional performances from its young cast. They tell a
natural, plausible, emotionally scrupulous story, captivating till the very

Providing unparalleled insight into the psyche of youth, as well as a
riveting glimpse of the casual cruelty of a childhood mentality and how the
primitive sense of schoolboy justice battles with the innate human
conscience, Mean Creek is a must-see. The moral compass drifts as we're
shown how even bullies can suffer, and that 'justice' doesn't simply mean
revenge." - Madura Jayatunga

Hope to see everyone there!



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