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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Motorcycle Diaries - 26th February in Ramsden Room

?Before he changed the world, the world changed him?

?and behind every revolutionary, there is an eye-opening experience. The Motorcycle Diaries is that of Ernasto ?Che? Guevara.

Based on a diary left by Che detailing his journey across most of South America to volunteer at a lepers? clinic, as an audience, we?re given the unique opportunity of seeing two best friends become men of the world, aware of the grand scheme in which they slowly begin to find themselves. Experiencing poverty, infrastructural decline and social disrepair, both plant their feet firmly on the path of resolve, but ultimately find themselves walking in different directions.

What starts out as a typically boisterous road trip between friends Ernasto (Gael García Bernal) and Granado (Rodrigo De la Serna) becomes the very stirring and poignant awakening of one of the twentieth century?s most important cultural icons, whom now symbolises unity, equality and the benefits of socialistic ideology. Believably portrayed both through solid performances and exemplary cinematography, The Motorcycle Diaries is as good a modern insight as you could hope to find into the motivation of Che Guevara, and if accurate, enjoyable documentation is not enough, it also manages to be an excellent film of its own accord.?

We've still got biscuits for all those sensible enough to attend. So make sure you come along and put smiles on our faces by increasing attendance - there's nothing we love more than a full room of viewers. Make us proud!

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