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Monday, January 29, 2007

UPDATE - 29/01/07

Due to conflict with the annual John Ray Society Dinner, 'The Great Dictator' will now be shown on Tuesday 6th March, as opposed to 5th March, at 8:00pm in the Ramsden Room, St. Catharine's College.

I hope this doesn't cause too much inconvenience for those planning to attend.



'It's on.'

"Nine Queens is no ordinary thriller. First time director Fabián Bielinsky blends suspense and an elaborate yet engaging plot to create this outstanding film. We are introduced to two cons, the younger Juan and the more experienced Marcos, who form an uneasy alliance based on the very thing that con men require from their marks - trust. They are united by their methods yet not in purpose, and this contrast runs throughout the film. We visit rough downtown Buenos Aires, smoothly interchanging with a classy hotel in the affluent business district, meeting convincing characters who we are nonetheless drawn to distrust.

Marcos and Juan become involved in a fascinating game, moving up in scale from small jobs for equally small rewards to the enticing prospect of a large payoff through the acquisition of the Nine Queens from a corrupt businessman. This set of rare stamps gives the film its name and form, as we join these two men on their exhilarating journey, sharing their doubts and their aspirations.

This compelling film will keep you guessing, and should not be missed." - Jo Barnard

Hope to see everyone there! No Robert Winston to (ahem) cock everything up this week. Email usual contacts with questions!


Monday, January 22, 2007

UPDATE - 22/01/07

Thanks to everyone for turning up tonight! I for one thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film again, and whether you'd seen it before or not, I hope you enjoyed it too. Post your comments and thoughts on the facebook wall or the discussion board!

I can only apologise for the 15 min. delay at the start - as I said, Prof. Winston nicked our projector, so basically we were lacking some vital cables. Thanks to Dom, Chris and Pavee for sorting us out in the end, though. Hopefully it won't happen again!

Next week is Nine Queens - hope to see you there!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine - 22nd JANUARY IN RAMSDEN ROOM - 20:00 - FREE ENTRY

"Ever had one of those days?

Little Miss Sunshine is a simultaneously charming and knife-edge painful comedy-drama about the dysfunctional Hoover family, and their seemingly inexhaustible efforts in trying to raise their little girl Olive onto the pedestal of all-American childhood fame. Opening on the young girl staring feet from the television, transfixed as the famous beauties of old cry their false tears for false hopes, Olive has her sights set on the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California - all the way across the continent, with 2 days to get there. By car.

We see misguided motivational-speaker Richard, chain-smoking depressive Sheryl, teenage angst-cannon Dwayne, heroine junkie Grandpa and failed suicidal, gay Uncle Frank making their steady way to California in what ends up being a stirring triumph of family values over darkest disappointment. Blending heartache trauma with belly-ache laughter, Little Miss Sunshine is to be missed at your own cost.

You've never quite had one of *these* days."

Monday, January 1, 2007

Lent Termcard Announced!

Monday 22nd Jan: Little Miss Sunshine

Monday 29th Jan: Nine Queens

Monday 5th Feb: Mean Creek

Watch Mean Creek Trailer

Sunday 11th Feb: Princess Mononoke

Monday 19th Feb: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Monday 26th Feb: Motorcycle Diaries

Tuesday 6th March: The Great Dictator

Monday 12th March: Y Tu Mama Tambien

Watch Y Tu Mama Tambien Trailer