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Friday, March 2, 2007


? ?Corona veniat electus? - victory shall come to the worthy.

In a change of pace for Catz Film, we take you back 60 years into the past, when great nations warred, great leaders stood proud and gave great speeches, and from which time great deeds are remembered ? both valourous and evil.

In these great times, only one man can stand in the way of national misery and despair ? only he can lift the souls of the bereaved and brighten the cheeks of the weary. Charlie Chaplin gives us The Great Dictator, the birth of political satire and the coming-of-age of classical British comedy.

In 1940 when the Jews living in Germany feared even to utter his name, Chaplin dares to impersonate him under the guise of Adenoid Hynkel, rising political star of Tomania, who with his ?powerful? speeches and ?iron fist? rule guides his nation towards a perfect Aryan supremacy, and mobilises to overthrow his enemies. However, Hynkel has not counted on a stout, right-minded Jewish barber who once served the German army and comes back to find oppression, segregation and marshal law pervading his once-beloved town in the heart of Tomania.

Unwittingly, it is his fate to overthrow Hynkel and free his people from suffering. In the spirit of all of Chaplin?s films, there is a superb medley of wit, slapstick humour and puns to accompany Britain?s first, greatest and most-daring feature length parody of one of history?s greatest villains, the Great Dictator."

Yes, you read that right - this week's showing will be on TUESDAY, due to conflict with the Annual St. Catharine's John Ray Society Dinner. I hope this doesn't put anybody off, because I think we've got a fantastic and insightful film to show you this week - a fine example of intelligent comedy that in my opinion we don't see enough of these days.

In keeping with the past few weeks, we will have biscuits on offer to everyone who attends, provided we don't get any greedy buggers coming 15 minutes early to eat them all like last week.

In any case, I hope to see you all there!