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OCR Dinner - 2006

As Usual this was a raucous occasion with the highlights being:
Plenty of quality food and wine
The election of Donal as Treasurer - will we get some money this year?
The downing of the chocolate sauce, personally i think sam should down some cheese at the next mathmo event.
The first competition for president in recent history (which I lost!)
Mel in a totally wasted state, stumbling around the bar in her high heels... we all love her for it.

I have a couple of photos from the dinner

Group Photo

In the first photo (from left to right):
Rob Evans, Si Wilson, Tom Flanaghan, Edvin Deadman, James Green, Sam Bartlett, Adam, James O'Brien, Luke Pearce, Camilla Tobias, Zoe Leake, Christina, Donal Conally, Chris Chamberlin, Richard Foster, Dan Edwards, Ed Sanders, Tom Wright, Amy King, Elie Bassouls (Stats), Irena Borzym (DOS)

In the second:
Rear: Tom and Adam
Front: Rob, Mel, Si, Luke, Sam

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