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Mathmo Football Returns - 2015

8 years on, Mathmo Football against the Adams Society at John's has returned. The challenge was laid down to our one and only Frederick, and how did we respond? With a fluid game of high class football* on John's pitchers of course!

Alas, the score-line didn't quite reflect the keenness of play on display, But particular credit must go to Matt Arran for his insane goal-keeping skills - without your dedication to the cause, the scoreline would have been a lot lot worse**. Also in need of thanks is our resident all-star footballer, Sam Burr, our esteemed Captain/President, Harry Milnes, and our non-mathmo supporters, Rob Trivasse and Bethany-Christian Edwards.

In the end, the larger player-pool of the Adam's Society (and the fact their average player was half-decent at football) meant we lost abysmally. But it's the taking part that matters, right??

Final Score: HYP 1-9 ADM***

* - Maybe not from our team.
** - Though the result, alas, would still have been the same.
*** - We think. For an event attended almost entirely by mathmos, it would seem no one was good enough at counting.

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