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Mathmo Football Again! - 2018

It is that time of year again when the Hyperbolics must put the Adams Society back in their place as the inferior maths society, via the annual Mathmo Football match. Organised by our very own Matt Tully, the incredible gameplay is captured in his match report below.

It was very cold.

Kick-off was scheduled for 2PM for this yearís annual Hyperbolics vs Adams Society match, so naturally the Hyperbolics team turned up at ten past, champing on the bit and slightly confused as to where the rest of the Johnís team was. After brief negotiations, Ben Donaldson graciously accepted his fate as an opponent of the Hyperbolics (perhaps too graciouslyÖ)

Catz kicked off, diving straight into the game with some liquid football; with delectable interplay between Soleh and George in the midfield, despite one of them not actually being a midfielder. Our first goal came around the 10-minute mark (probably), after a shot from Kris deflected off the Johnís keeper, right into the capable hands (or rather, feet) of Jakub, who slotted one in to take the lead. The Adams Societyís attempt to get one back at the Catz team was admirable, as the Statistical Modelling Supervisor slipped a sly shot underneath the dashingly handsome Catz keeper, but ultimately futile as Matt Rowe slid in, Deus ex Machina style, to block the strike. And yes, it was definitely not in, end of discussion no more questions.

After these tense moments, Soleh decided it might just be easier if he cut out the middleman and just scored from 30 yards. So he did.

It was at this point that the Hyperbolics lads started to get ahead of themselves, as a seven-man offensive left us wide open for a counter attack which saw the first goal against the away side. The boys in red then scored another two against as many different keepers as various Catz players needed a rest after only about 20 minutes of running around a tiny pitch. Anyway, ignoring these less than stellar moments, the time that remained played out in the Johnís half, culminating in a moment when George, who had now dropped all pretence of being a defender, scored an equaliser with moments to go.

Half Time: Hyperbolics 3 Ė 3 Adams Society

Johnís kicked off the second half and, despite many chances, did make any headway against the Catz defence. Catz responded in force, with another goal from Soleh. Johnís came back in force, with a deflection off the crossbar being cleaned up while the keeper was off making sure he hadnít just taken a guyís head off. In retrospect, that might not have been the worst idea. In any case, what followed was probably similarly exciting but 400 words is already enough for a match report, and Iím guessing youíre about as bored of reading this as I am of writing it, so basically:

Full Time: Hyperbolics 6 Ė 6 Adams Society*

* - There was also a penalty shootout which ended 4 Ė 1 to Johnís, but the less said about that the better.

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