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Pub Crawl - 2006

I don't have any photos of this particular evening, but I have some vivid memories. The one that sticks in my mind is the image of Sejal's friend attempting to give her a piggy-back but failing and both of them falling face first in the middle of the road.
Below I have added certain data regarding the pub crawl that should clearly be preserved.

First-Year Odds prior to the Pub Crawl

Betting for the 6:30. The 2006 Novices Chase, Cambridge. 1 mile 4 furlongs.

3/2 Fav. Sam Looks solid, but as yet untested over such a long trip.
3/1 Colyan As yet unknown quantity but could excell. French origins suggest wine drinking experience.
4/1 Andrew Drunkeness after Matric hints at lack of staying power.
5/1 Claire The most experienced, but may be let down by lack of height and weight in comparison to the front runners.
10/1 Kurt Good value, especialy for an each way bet.

Sarah Not confident with expected pace.
50/1 Sejal Unpracticed on varying ground.
1000/1Kevit Unlikely to leave the stalls.

Results (From Zoe)

Right here's the long awaited results:

Quite unexpectedly we have 9 people on the -5 list:
Me, Kevin, Sam B, Andrew, Sam R, Donal, Luke, Tom, Colyan

Two on -4
Rob, Compsci

Then the rest as follows:
Kurt 0
Mel 5
Sejal 42
Richard 70
Sarah 99
Amy 106
Nika 120
Ed 120
Kavit 120

As for rankings, I've decided to base it on lecture attendence the next day... seeing as I was the only 2nd year to attend all 3 lectures I declare myself 2nd year winner. I don't know about the 1st/3rd years so let me know and I'll decide a winner. Also I'd like to give special awards to the following people:
Kurt - for being a dark horse and drinking every drink on the list
Sejal - for winning out of the fresher girls and getting a very respectable score
Donal - for doing an extra drink and not getting any points for it (we considered penalty points for stupidity...)
Kevin - for actually getting in to soul tree (just) and vomming in his hallway
Amy - for doing a double fire engine
Me - for walking around soul tree with my feet covered in blood and a massive piece of glass in my foot (and blagging a free taxi back to chads)

Everyone else - congratulations. If you think of anymore special awards then let me know and i will add them to the list

Final Comments (from Kev)

No no no, i dont think we can judge winners based on commitment to maths lectures. First to finish the double fire engine = 2nd yr winner. I dont think we can have a 150 second 'downing' being declared the best. Downing a drink means seeing it off in one go in a REASONABLE time, sub 20 seconds at least. The penalty points system was flawed in this aspect, and can hopefully be improved for next year.

As for the vom, if anyone would like to clear it up then feel free - it's still there now. So, thats flat 12 chads. please.

fletch x

p.s. a special award should surely go to mel for the funniest/slowest/most-spilled pint i've ever seen!

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