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The Curry Mahal - 2006

A trip to the Mahal (officialy the Bombay Brasserie) is a common occurence in Cambridge, although this is the first time in recent years that the Hyperbolics have visited this fine establishment.

In case you were not present, these reviews may give you a totally false idea of what the Mahal is like: "Visit Cambridge" and "Itchy Cambridge".

I believe that an enjoyable night was had by most of the people in attendance, although this may not include Ed, as the evidence below will demonstrate. Personally I chose the traditional Chicken Korma, I feel that this is the only curry that the Mahal can be trusted to cook succesfully, although a strong liking for coconut and sugar is required to face it.


Here is a video of some of the post-curry action

Selected photos from the evening can be found here

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