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Bingo Preview - 2007

Following the (not completely accurate but prety much correct in meaning) quote from Sejal at the start of this term: "Mel, when is the next mathmo event, i want to get wasted again!", and boredom on the part of Sam and I, a new mathmo event is being added to the caledar.
This is of course MATHMO BINGO

What better than a trip to the home of old people to make us feel young and happy. Crucially, it is also rumoured that the drinks there are really cheap.
If this isn't enough to convince you, this article alledges that a cambridge university mathematician has calculated that bingo is the best way to gamble. Unfortunately, Dr Oliver Johnson, the mathematician in question, has been evicted and currently works at Bristol. In addtion, further investigation of his website shows that he also exhibits the worrying trait in a statistician of looking a bit too much like Elie and hence is clearly a bit of an arse. (just take a look at his personal links section.)

Mathmo Bingo will be coming to your hyperbolics social schedule very soon, the date is now fixed as Monday 5th February.

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