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OCR Dinner - 2007

First I must mention the new Hyperbolics commitee.

Our New President: Edward Sanders
Our New Secretary: Donal Connaly
Our New Treasurer: I don't actually remember, I think it might be Sejal.

I wish them all the best of luck in the coming year, and hope they will overcome the vast challenges that they will surely encounter. I'm sure that Ed's chilled mathmo attitude, combined with Donal's excesive drive and determination, will mean that all all the events in 2007/8 are a success.

The Dinner, according to Luke

I don't remember much about the food, I don't think I really appreciated the "paupiettes" of turkey or the chocolate "baravois". Naturally I appreciated the wine, kindly donated by Irena, much more than this 'formal hall food dressed up in funny language'. At first sight I thought that a tesco crate full of 'champagne' in Irena's room was a little excessive but we seemed to make good use of it.

At the dinner itself, I was sat opposite Sam and near Tim, our guest for the evening. If you look at the history, it appears that Tim held the position of secretary in 1999, although he doesn't remember much about this - perhaps it has only recently grown to be such a prestigious post. One of the reasons for Tim's visit was to give advice/speak to some of us who are interested in teaching, although as far as I am aware, no-one except me could be arsed. I must say that the two main pieces of advice I remember are "don't try to teach when hungover" (I'm not sure wether this means I'm meant to avoid hangovers or avoid the school when I have one) and always be more strict that you expect (so the pupils of Highgate are really going to love Tim next year). Anyway, apart from that, I'm sure Tim enjoyed visiting his old college and as this photo shows, he has definately missed Irena!

After the dessert my memory becomes much more hazy. I was slightly dissapointed that Ed's presidential campaign went unchalleneged, however we all agree that he is the best person for the job (although I believe that Irena voted RON - appalling) I also remember Sam being pennyed by Irena, although I believe that the same this may have also happened last year.
The fun progressed to the bar, by which point I was definately in no state to comment, maybe Amy can tell us what happened after that...

Overall, I believe that everyone had a great night, keeping up the Hyperbolics tradition of memorable (or not so memorable) evenings.


By Luke

did you not read the article?

By El Presidente

I feel there is a certain lack of mentioning of pennying and being back-pennied by the eye.

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