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Mathmo Football - 2007

The Hyperbolics have been challenged to a game of football by the St. Johns Maths Society. Clearly we must respond to this challenge. How will we respond? This is how...

Edward Sanders
Luke PearceSam RosenburgKev FletcherRob Evans
MikeSimon WilsonAndrew HarveyRichard Foster

On the Bench: Donal, Kolyan
Manager: Edward Sanders


The match will be played on thursday 15th, 2.15pm at John's pitches.

Team News

Donal has claimed that
a) He is no good at football
b) Zoe is better than him in every way
therefore, the central defensive position has been re-asigned... i'm sure that Ed will feel safe with Zoe in front of him, in much the same way that Donal feels safe with Zoe at his side.

Bandit will not be able to play because he has a job - unlucky. This is a grave disapointment, but he will be replaced by Zoe, now playing up front with comp-sci - a strike force that I feel any team would be scared of.

The Opposition

I'd rather be at Oxford than at John's
Ohh - I'd rather be at Oxford than at John's
I'd rather be at Oxford
Rather be at Oxford
I'd rather be at Oxford than at John's

Enough said


By Edward

Trinity Hall have challenged us to a game of football AND badminton. Our reputation is spreading far...

By Luke

Score predictions anyone? I'm going for 0-0. just look at our defence, John's are never going to score.

Now look at our strikers.

By Point of information

The team is missing our star performer...

None other than Mick Huctinson

By Zoe

Surely me and Donal should be the playmakers.

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