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Past Rulers of the Hyperbolics - 2006

2018Paul MinterMatthew Wearden~
2017Michael DigginMatt TullyEthan Ren
2016Callum WatsonPaul MinterBen Donaldson
2015Ben MorleyJames BrotherstonCurtis Reubens
2014Harry MilnesJames BrotherstonCurtis Reubens
2013David BakerJoshua SpaulYu She
2012Matthew ArranDavid EdeyJoshua Spaul
2011Jenna Pearce Béni EgressyCalico Hong
2010Ralph Svasti-Salee Alasdair WilkinsJenna Pearce
2009? ??
2008? ??
2007Edward Sanders Donal ConnallySejal Doshi
2006Sam Bartlett Luke PearceDonal Connolly
2005Rob EvansJames O'BrienCamila Tobias
2004Joe Collis~Rob Evans
2003Jon DaviesAl HoggEdvin Deadman
2002Nick HodsonAlex FletcherChris Ray
2001Matt DavisLouise BatesScholastica Mak
2000Kathryn HuishMatt DavisAlastair Fletcher
1999Sophie TathamTim SquiresKathryn Huish
1998NielAbbieSophie Tatham

No-one knows when The Hyperbolics was formed.
Some say that it has existed since the days of St. Catharine herself, yet it only found its true home of her college sometime in the mid 16th Century. There is speculation that it was in fact created in a past life by Edvin Deadman, who as his name suggests has come back to life recently, in an attempt to reunite the forces of the Catz mathmos.
Alternatively, it was set up by some students 10 years ago who were either maths geeks or, more likely, just wanted an excuse for a dinner.

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