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Ed's New Haircut - 2007

I was sitting eating lunch in my room today when Amy walked in, in what I would describe as a more authoratative manor than usual (ie. with some minor sence of authority) and placed a photo of Hugh Grant on my desk. This was followed by what seemed like a minute's silence from Amy.
I was very confused. I must admit that I am a bit of a fan of Hugh Grant myself; he may only be able to play one charachter (in fact he often just keeps the same name for his charachter too - Will) but who can argue with the popularity of such classics Notting Hill and Love Actualy. In fact I thought the latter was so good that the only way I would ever vote conservative would be if Hugh himself was leading the party.
All this was going on in my head whilst Amy was staring at me in a very confusing way. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting her first words to be "Ed has had his hair cut".

I havn't seen Ed this term but by all accounts, and by extrapolation from what I saw last term, it must have been prety long. And so he decided that it needed cutting. This is obviously acceptable, and even if i do say so myself, probably slightly overdue. But taking a picture of HUGH GRANT to the hairdressers - that's just going too far! Personally i'm against taking any photo to the hairdressers - clearly theyre not skilled enough to replicate a proffesional stylist and you probably don't have the right hair type anyway. But what I'm sure you all want to know are the outcome...

Clicking on the picture to the left will reveal the full extent of the shocking results. I've got to admit that I dont have much of an opinion on hairstyles but from the reaction it has recieved I can only assume that it's awful. Crucially, it clearly doesn't look anything like Hugh Grant's.

What can we learn from this? Well I think firstly Ed should let us know which hairdressers he used so that
a) I can feel sorry for them for having to remove so much of his hair
b) avoid ever getting my hair cut there.
The moral of the story: don't take photos of famous people to the hairdressers, you're never going to look like them, face it.


By Sam Bartlett

I've always been a fan of Hugh Grant. He is fiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!! I want you in my bed, Ed, just like after the mathmo curry.



By Amy King

Personally I think he looks hot! Out of 10, I'd give him 1.

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