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Mathmo Marriage - 2007

Who would of thought just a few months ago that rumours would be circulating of a marriage between two second year mathmos. In fact, just last year it was well publisised that the happy couple were exchanging hate mail. But just 8 months on it seems they have put their differences aside and rumour has it that they have decided to tie the knot. They are, of course, Donal and Zoe.

A Match Made in Heaven?

This picture of them at the last mathmo event shows that there is clear chemistry between them. In fact it is claimed by some that the relationship started on this particular evening after Donal used the classic chat up line "do you have any Irish in you?".
However, I would strongly question the choice of venue for the start of a relationship: I think we would all agree that the Curry Mahal is not the most romantic place in the world.
In addition to this, another rumour is that Donal, a regular in Catz choir, was caught singing "Finite Simple Group" down the phone to Zoe. As relavent as this is to a mathmo relationship, again his romanticism must be questioned.

Do they have a Future?

Despite all these rumours, their future still looks uncertain. Recent evidence suggests that Zoe was not impressed by Donal's vocal performance and furthermore, Donal has apparently been very defensive when discussing his relationships with other girls... perhaps he has something to hide. However, when Donal decides he wants something, he will protect it like a raging bull protecting its offspring and in this photo, Donal doesn't look like he is going to give Zoe up easily.


By Edward

I only invented this ridiculous story as a facade to cover my true feelings for Donal...I want his babies (if only it were possible...)

By Donal

I'm very keen but i'm not sure what Zoe thinks - I think she's scared of me.

By Luke

I think they're lovely together

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