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Renaissance - 2012

In recent years, a terrible affliction has befallen St. Catharine's. It is not the college's grievous finances (unfortunate though they are), nor the death of Kambar (much missed though it is), nor even the sad lack of use of the great wicker throne (abandoned though it may be), but is instead the absence of web-based mathmo banter. A facebook group is functional, and an e-mail list essential, but without a webpage, where may we inspire future generations of mathematicians? Where may we record our ability at arbitrary challenges? Where may we post photos we will inevitably come to regret when seeking employment in the real world? Nowhere. Nowhere at all.

Thankfully, a solution has been found. Acting on advice from our illustrious alumni, conveyed via our esteemed ex-president, Jenna, the current secretary of the Hyperbolics, David Edey, has rejuvenated this website. With care and attention, it will provide procrastination, embarrassment, and possibly even amusement for many years to come. Visit. Contribute. Get keen.


By Jenna

I think this is a beautiful place for some mathmo banter... I love how quickly you guys got on this task! You're actual beasts.

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