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Kolyan - Matriculation Year: 2006

Given Kolyan's origins, I recently conducted Google search of 'Swiss national stereotypes' and the 4 most common results were: impartiality, bank accounts, cuckoo clocks and knives.
In this article I will attempt to identify in what way each of these seemingly unrelated topics has affected Kolyan's personality.

Shown here bringing together the wide spectrum of the catz first year, Kolyan is clearly a uniter of people, of all different nationalities and races. In fact, he even managed to bring together different nationalities at birth, as he himself is half Maltese, half Indian, and has spent most of his life living in Switzerland. I think it is clear that Kolyan's inherent national abilities in the art of staying impartial have helped him to fulfil this role. Conclusion: personality affected.

Bank Accounts
I asked Compsci to hack Kolyan's bank account so that I could provide some information about this aspect of his personality. Unfortunately, while Compsci is a chief programmer, he claims that he only uses his skills for the forces of good and so would not participate. Conclusion: insufficient evidence gathered.

Cuckoo Clocks
Rumour has it that Kolyan has several cuckoo clocks in his bedroom, tuned in such a way that they play the Swiss national anthem to wake him up. In fact, this setup is common in Switzerland and its bizarre nature it is believed to be the origin of the phrase 'living in cloud cuckoo land'. Conclusion: personality affected.

Kolyan is one of the most chilled people I know. He is so chilled that I could barely even imagine him using a knife to cut up his food, let alone using one in anger. His aura makes me feel that he needs only his mind to defuse any situation and hence, physical objects such as knives are irrelevant. Conclusion: personality unaffected.

Overall, it appears that Kolyan has been quite heavily affected by being subjected to a Swiss lifestyle. However, he has managed to retain one crucial mathmo trait: he never seems unduly phased by anything and just likes to chill and have fun at all times.

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