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Comp-Sci - Matriculation Year: 2003

As his name suggests, Compsci spends most of his time with his eyes glued to his computer screen, typing furiously on his keyboard (obviously, he has no need for a mouse).
However, he is pictured here far from his natural habitat. In fact, to be seen in physical contact with two members of the opposite sex is unheard of for someone of his subject.

Unfortunately, despite the positive suggestions of this photo, further evidence shows that any hope is premeture. With a favourite quote of "You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.", compsci obviously doesn't have a great grip on real life.

Furthermore, the video from the recent Mahal Curry night shows further that when drunk, he automatically returns to his default state of playing computer games.

However, Compsci still commands some respect. This comes mainly through his total dominance of the Compsci tripos, including the quality explanation of how he is allowed to do a PHD without doing a masters first; "they let you if you're sick."
He is also the only non-mathmo memeber of the Hyperbolics and his attendance at the society's events is better than many true mathmos (who should feel ashamed of this fact). For this, he is worthy of much honour.

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