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Luke - Matriculation Year: 2004

I'm Luke, the secretary of the Hyperbolics and the creator of this website.
I originally come from a small village in the heart of northern Lincolnshire, close to such famous places as Grimsby and Skegness. My first hyperbolics pub crawl in 2004 was a great bonding session with the people who have since developed into some of my best friends.

About Cambridge
I love both the town and the university, perhaps a bit too much. The town is clearly beautiful, just look at how many tourists come here and the "work as much as you want" self-motivational attitude is chilled. Colleges are the best idea ever invented - why don't other Uni's create them? OK - they may be a little insular, but when you're a naive country boy from Lincolnshire, you want someone to cook and clean for you, plus of course having a college bar is by far the best way to meet new people. Generally, Catz is Awsome.

About Me
The first thing people notice about me is the "strong northern accent", in fact just a combination of a deep, slow voice and a bizare (acording to Pete, non-standard) Lincolnshire accent. I'm interested in pubs and real ale, spontaneous comedy (ie. panel shows, not standup), unusual facts that you wouldn't expect to be true, many different sports, especially cycling and badminton and application of things you learn to real life. Well, that last one is probably the thing that distinguishes me from a normal person and the thing that I often notice and realise that i'm sounding a bit too much like a Cambridge mathmo.

Just because I feel like it, if you want to have a look, here is My CV

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