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Donal - Matriculation Year: 2005

Congradulations to Donal on recently being elected as an undergraduate respresentative on the faculty board of mathematics. I stole the following from his website:

I'm a nineteen year old mathematician, currently studying at St Catharine's College, University Of Cambridge. Previously, I went to the Christian Brother's Grammar School, Omagh.
I was born in the Wirral and lived there till I was about nine years old. I then moved to Omagh, Northern Ireland, spending about nine years there, before moving to my current location, Cambridge. I've always spent a lot of my holidays in Furbo, Galway which is where most of my family hail from.

My hobbies include singing, windsurfing and computer programming.
During my spare time, I do volunteer work for the STIMULUS Project, a programmme based in Cambridge where university students do volunteer teaching work within local schools, promoting science, mathematics and technology.
I'm treasurer of the Hyperbolics, the non-mathematical society for mathematicians at St Catharine's College. We arrange a few social events each year. If you want to give us money for our annual dinner in the form of corporate sponsorship, get in contact with me. Not that this is likely to happen.
I was also a member in 2006 of the London Internation Youth Science Forum staff team, and hope to return there next year.

Here is a direct link to His Website

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