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Tom - Matriculation Year: 2004


In the Beginning, Tom created some Maths.
And Tom said; Let there be a computer, which will use this Maths.
And Tom said; Let there be computer programs.
And Tom said; Let there be a bicycle for each man and woman on this earth.
And Tom said; Let there be speed, so that people can ride these bicycles.
And Tom said; Let there be beer.
He saw all he had made, and it was very good. And then on the sixth day, Tom chilled.
(Tom didn't need the seventh day - he made God look basic)

LUKE'S GOSPEL 2007 - The Bible According to Tom

Moses parted the Red Sea - You think that's impressive? The first thing I remember Tom for (apart from his ridiculously chilled southern accent) is his epic 100 mile bike ride to Warwick. This may not be quite as cool as the Red Sea, but Moses wasn't on a bike, and it wasn't snowing. It was February, and Tom managed to survive the snow, despite crashing into a car (obviously the car came out of the encounter worse) and having to tie plastic bags around his feet to keep them from freezing. Essentially, when Tom decides he is going to do something, he does it properly.
While Jesus turned water into wine, he didn't use it to its full potential: Tom would never make that error. Every term Irena holds a civilised drinks party and on the way to this last year, Tom and I decided to see how much of her wine we could drink. Tom used his skills in the art of charming supervisors and the result was 2 bottles each, and an awesome night.
Finally, Jesus may have taught people to love God, but Tom chose a love based more in reality and has taught me to love beer. It is this love for things that are fun and interesting, combined with his totally chilled attitude, that makes Tom such a quality person and a great friend.


By Luke

Clearly, Tom believes in neither the father, the son or holy spirit: Beer is much better than all three. However when pushed he agree's that vodka, mixed with orange juice, is an effective method for getting wasted.

By Edward

Out of curiousity, what is Tom's Holy Spirit?

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